Murder unit challenge

In the heart of a Brussels mansion becomed a 22B Baker Street for the occasion, an enigma is waiting bring you, exceptional investigators, in another time.

Murder unit challenge : The clock is ticking and your mind of deduction will be put to the test: it’s up to you to prove your ability to communicate the informations that will lead you to the end of the story.

Will you be clever enough to communicate to your colleagues clues needed to solve a murder? Can you identify with one voice the real culprit? Will your investigation  be sufficiently incisive to catch the murderer before it’s too late?

During this adventure you will have to show observation and search sites, processing of relevant information and irrelevant testimony you will reap, to reason collectively and take collective decisions within a specified time so the challenge is a common victory.

The budget includes: 1 facilitator for activities and the necessary equipment (animation in english)

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