Spy Game

What if traitors had slipped into your team? And if some of your associates did not have the same goals as you? Would you be able to unmask them? And if you were wrongly accused, would you find the right arguments to defend yourself without appearing more suspicious? Would you be able to save your crew without revealing yourself to others?

Spy game invites you to immerse yourself in a unique situation where your confidence will only be based on your observations, deductions, cross-checks and negotiations. It is up to you to observe the behavior of each other, their interactions, to be attentive to their non-verbal communication and their reactions to the unfolding of events. It is up to you to convince with arguments that will allow you to rally others and to hinder the theses that would try to destabilize you … Which team will succeed to draw the game?


  • Live a collective play experience outside the professional framework
  • Developing exchange and sharing through a moment of pleasure
  • Stimulate communication within a team, understand how it works, how each person reacts and be able to adapt
  • Support the discovery of colleagues through an activity that reveals the resources and capacities of each
  • Work on observing behaviors and analyzing risk taking through an animation where everyone has a role to play
  • Encourage team cohesion by working towards a common goal
  • Support dialogue by developing strategies and making joint decisions

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