Urban Games

We offer 2 versions of urban discovery games:

- Discovery of the city center (city of your choice) (with smartphone)

Game in town where we discover different places, but also where we learn to know better his teammates. Far from a boring ride in the city, this discovery of the city center is a journey full of action, fun and team spirit.

Thanks to this adventure, you will discover the city in an original way. We’ve converted the old-fashioned paper guide into a handy smartphone app, but the city map stays in your hands. You develop your route using this plan through the checkpoints we have imagined for your team. You will thus pass in front of historical sites and hidden corners more unknown.

At each checkpoint, your smartphone will present you with an enigma and give you a funny mission. Thanks to the photo and video missions you will quickly discover the hidden talents within the group! Keep an eye on the weather, because there is a time limit on some missions. Ready for victory? Find the other teams and scan their QR code to earn extra points. At the end of the game, you will have access to an online photo album and will be able to remember together the funniest team building ever organized.

- High-tech pursuit race (with smartphone, GPS, giant screen at headquarters)

This city chase takes you, in an original and surprising way, to discover all the known and less known places of the city of your choice. In different places, your smartphone offers you a question or a complex puzzle. With a little creativity and collaboration, your team will be able to decipher our multimedia indices. You will be able to get extra points by taking up fun missions. So be creative for photo and video assignments.

It’s even more exciting when you have to realize them in a short time. And if the mysterious Outsider cross your path, do not hesitate to catch it! His missions can nicely climb your scores! Also keep the ranking in the eye because the other teams are behind you. This rally in the city will guarantee a good dose of suspense and action at your small exit. Then you can remember all these memories by viewing the online photo album.

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