Improve the quality of interpersonal communication

This workshop will sensibilize participants in a particularly playful and informal way on the importance of quality communication and interpersonal relations, key factors in the operation and success of any organization.
The angles of approach can be various: active listening, assertive communication, management of non-verbal, self-respect and the respect of others, creativity within a defined framework, confidence, analytical mind, time management, …

We find it interesting to ask help from an experienced trainer who knows the techniques of theatrical improvisation.
We appreciate these types of trainers for their ability to lead with enthusiasm and maintain informal and productive atmosphere during the training. The priority of their very lively exercises is the concern for interaction, sharing and finding the points of concrete actions.
They very resolutely apply the ‘learning by doing’ technique, which distinguishes them from a more ‘classical’ training.

Possibilities of creative workshops in synergy:
- / Cooking Challenge
- / Photo
- / Video
- / Painting