TOTEM©, the tool of a playful and intelligent teambuilding

TOTEM© is a game of cooperation created by 2 Belgian coaches where the talents of each one will encourage the teams to cooperate to reach the final goal: to succeed to climb all together on the boat before the tide goes out! A day during which teams must achieve a shared goal by addressing challenges that promote learning cooperation.

The day is built around 6 levers of cooperation:

  • The common goal
  • The quality of the relationship
  • Complementarity of talents
  • ethics
  • Creativity
  • Collaborative processes

Progressive challenges allow for direct integration of awareness and the team gains agility. Throughout the activity, the team alternates exercises, debriefings to maximize learning. Debriefings make it possible to translate learning into a concrete action plan.

What are the benefits?

For the participants:

  • Know yourself and others better
  • To better understand the dynamics of his team and his culture of cooperation
  • Acquire collective skills to combine common goals and individual resources
  • Develop the creativity of the team to open the field of possibilities
  • Develop a joint action plan

For the company :

  • Strengthen team functioning in the service of collective performance
  • Nurture a culture of work in cooperation
  • Anchor durably of learning and awareness
  • Support the engagement potential of people

Who is TOTEM © for?



To any permanent and temporary team:

  • Project team
  • Managerial or operational team
  • Management Committee
  • Cross-cutting teams

TOTEM © is one of the tools of cooperation coaching. It is possible to complete this team building day with other interventions adapted to the needs of a team’s evolution. Key-to-door workshops on each specific lever as well as a digital questionnaire, a tool for collective feedback on the perception of cooperation within the team (Cooperationquest © by KPGM Carewan & Viavectis).