About us

SASASA organizes events for companies based on active and creative involvement of the participants for over 7 years. Our programs stimulate artistic expression throughout various initiations (Culinary Arts, Visual Arts, Body language, …). Experience shows that this is an amusing and a very effective way to learn to know each-others better, and thus communicate and collaborate better.

The programs are tailored from purely friendly and fun incentives, to real team-building sessions with well-defined objectives.

SASASA EVENTS’ strengths are:
- Giving a wise counsel for the choice of activity(s), depending on your goals;
- Multilingual and wide network of artists and animators, who are passionate and well experienced in this type of exercise (this network is also linked to our Arts school experience for individuals)
- A network of certified trainers and coaches, able to exploit these creative activities, which will serve your HR goals;
- A lightweight and a flexible structure adapted to streamlined budgets;
- A close follow-up by the project manager up to the D-day.

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Alessandro D’ANGELOProject manager

Founder of SASASA Events